Birdy Bytes

is a new social game where you can have fun, make new friends and be rewarded for your talent!

Play for Fun

Play 1-on-1 games against your friends to see who is the best one.

  • You have a list of 6 games to choose from: Trivia, Memory, Mahjong, Birdies, 9-Game and Maze-Miner. More games will be updated soon.
  • In the Trivia game you have 5 questions to play from different categories. Only 10 seconds to answer.
  • In the other games you have only 1 minute to reach a certain goal.
  • The winner of a game will get 5 points; the loser gets 0 points.
  • The more you play, the more XP you win. XP allow you to move up to different levels in the game.

Play for Rewards

You can join Leagues to win real rewards.

  • In each League you have to play 3 daily games.
  • The winner of a game will get 10 points; the loser gets 0 points. In an extreme case of tie, each player gets 5 points.
  • The games you play are randomly chosen between the list: Trivia, Memory, Mahjong, Birdies, 9-Game and Maze-Miner.
  • Winning these games gives you League Points to move up the scoreboard. Scoreboards will be published in the App and in our social networks.
  • At the end of the League, the top players will be rewarded!

You have different
games to play!


  • You have an initial goal to reach. Match 3 or more fruits from the selected colours and feed those birdies. You have 1 minute to do your best!
  • The player that collected more fruits from the goal will win the game. In case of tie, the fastest player to reach that number will win.

Special Cards

Special cards can be used in Play for Fun and Play for Rewards to steal points from other players.

Special Cards are for single-use only and have different points.

Attack Cards

Steal points from your enemies using Attack Cards. Each attack will take 5 hours to be effective.

Defense Cards

Want to protect your points?
Defend yourself from incoming attacks using Defense Cards. You have 5 hours to defend an incoming attack.

Mess-Up Cards

These are other cards that you can use in the games to obstruct your opponents' games

  • In the case of Trivia you have a collection of 11 different mess-up cards to choose from.
  • In the other games, you have currently only one mess-up card: magic emoji. Select the emoji you like and it will show up in your opponents’ screen to mess-up her/his game.
  • Mess-Up cards are a fun and easy way to tease your friends or to make life difficult for your enemies.


We have daily challenges to test your skills.

  • Some of the challenges are brain-teasers; in others you need to find hidden codes in the real world.
  • Collect Challenge Points and enter into a new competition. At the end there will be rewards.
  • In this part of the game, you can ask for help directly from your friends or you can post on Facebook to get extra help.


The App has a digital wallet where you can store the gift cards, tickets and other cool rewards that you win in the Leagues.

  • The gift cards will then be sent by post mail, while the tickets will be sent to you via email.
  • Digital vouchers will be sent to the Wallet and can be redeemed directly in the stores.
  • The wallet also keeps some digital Loyalty Cards. You can collect stamps in our Partner Stores, and once you complete a Loyalty Card, you will receive a free goodie.

Chat Messaging

You can chat and send photos, videos and game teasers to your Birdy Bytes friends. Messaging can be a strategic part of the game since it can be used to establish alliances and communicate among clan members and be stronger in the League competitions.

  • You have a contact list with the friends you accept.
  • In the chat menu, you will also receive news and updates about Birdy Bytes.

We have a
“Tell-a-Friend” Program

If you want to win Special Cards bring your friends to the App!

  • Use your Invitation Code, available in the Profile section.
  • Send your code by a Messaging App or post the code in your social media pages (Facebook and Instagram).
  • Your friends must use your code when registering to the App. When he/she uses your code, he/she immediately receives 4 Special Cards.
  • When your friend reaches level 7 of the game you will also receive 4 Special Cards of 5 points (level 7 corresponds to 300 points in XP).
  • From time to time, there will be a monthly competition for the Best Promoter. The winner will receive a reward!

For more info see the Rules of our Tell-a-Friend program.

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